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The Origin of Sherbet Cookies Cannabis Strain

Our cannabis strain, Sherbet Cookies, was created by Elev8 Seeds, a West Coast breeder that has friends in high places.

The growers at Elev8 have connections with some of the most renowned growers and breeders in the cannabis industry, and have obtained clones of some the most coveted cuts on the scene, including the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, which they used to create Sherbet Cookies.

What is the difference between the Sherbet Cookies and Gelato strains?

You may have noticed that Sherbet Cookies shares the same lineage as another famous strain, Gelato. Gelato was created by Bay Area breeders within the Cookies Fam, notably Mr. Sherbinski and Jigga. Although they have since split ways, their creation has only increased with popularity over the years. In 2018, Leafly announced Gelato as the “strain of the year” due to its popularity in dispensaries.

There are several phenos of Gelato, as well, such as Gelato #33 and Acai Berry Gelato. These strains have since been used to breed many more Gelato crosses, known for their flavor profiles.

They say that great minds think alike, and that seems to be the case with the growers at Elev8 Seeds. Rather than re-create this strain and call it “Gelato,” which they could have done and reaped the rewards the already existing consumer demand for Gelato, they decided to appropriately re-name this strain.

Rather than ride the coattails of Gelato hype, Elev8 Seeds took two legendary strains, GSC and Sunset Sherbet, and created Sherbet Cookies. They knew that the offspring of these two parents would be nothing less than spectacular connoisseur cannabis, and they were right.


The Aroma and Flavor Profile of Sherbet Cookies

When you open the jar, and stick your nose in, you get a whiff of that creamy, ice cream sherbert.

The cream is there. And the tang is there. When you think of sherbert ice cream, it’s the tang that stands out. Ice cream is creamy from the dairy. Sherbert ice cream has that sharp, tartness that takes your tongue for a twist. And it is prevalent in the Sherbet Cookies.

Cookies strains are known for having that spicy cookie dough, and those tones are there, too.

Sherbet Cookies is a strain that asks to be enjoyed slowly, and preferably with the company of other strain snobs who can bask in the delightful flavors.

The Potency of Sherbet Cookies and Gelato strains

In an era of extreme potency, Gelato stands out, as the famed cut Gelato #33 is known to be around the 14% range in THC. This hasn’t stopped numerous breeders from around the globe using Gelato to create new strains. Gelato, after all, is about terps and flavors.

Not to mention, true Cannabis Connoisseurs are all about the Entourage Effect, which is the synergy that results from combing all the cannabinoids along with the terpene and flavor profiles. The Entourage effect is what you are after in you desire the best cannabis experience.

However, GSC is known for its potency, as most cookies crosses test around 20% or more. Our phenos of Sherbet Cookies test at 21 %.

The Sherbet Cookies smoking experience

Sherbet Cookies provides a hybrid effect, of euphoric cerebral head high with a full body relaxation effect.  The breeder, Elev8 Seeds, claims it to be “mostly sativa,” which implies that the high is in the head more so than the body, and many have found this to be so. Which makes this such a good sesh strain for enjoying with the company of your fellow strain aficionados.

So find a friend who enjoys fine cannabis as much as you, and many good conversations and good ideas will be aroused during your sesh with Sherbet Cookies.

The unique flavor of creamy sherbert is to be savored with good company. Blaze up and blaze on!


Where to find Sherbet Cookies in Thailand

Buy Weed Thailand supplies flower to many dispensaries across the country. Place an order online now and we will send it out.

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