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With a name like ‘Black Jesus’ one must be set up for a holy experience. The strain from Spokane based GLW is just that, a trinity of kush, earth, and sweet from the scent to the taste. While I’m very familiar with the brand, I had yet to try this strain until our friends at GLW gave the recommendation.

Pesticides have become more of a talking point in cannabis as of late. Our team has toured the GLW facility numerous times and I can assure you, these guys mean the real deal when they say “pesticide-free.” The Black Jesus strain is a unique take on an OG Kush cross. The light-colored buds hold more of a sweet scent than the traditional earthiness in a kush. The dense, frosty nugs break down beautifully to fill your bowl or swisher.

This strain hits a with a little more of the earthy kush taste upfront. The sweet is left in the after taste and in the slight resin film left on your lips. A great relaxing smoke.

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